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Soap Nuts | 300g | 100 Washes

Soap Nuts | 300g | 100 Washes

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Our soap nuts are a natural, toxic-free alternative to traditional laundry detergents.
Unlike chemical detergents, these organic washing nuts are free from your usual nasties. Soap nuts are extremely versatile and can also be used as a liquid cleaner, a hand wash or even as a natural shampoo.
Soap nuts are gentle on the skin and your clothes. They are anti-colour run, meaning you can wash mixed laundry loads.
These washing nuts have a high saponin content which makes them the perfect alternative to chemical detergents. Our soap nuts are sustainably grown and harvested in Pakistan where they have been a source of natural detergent for many years. These organic nuts grow on Sapindus mukorossi trees which grow 15 meters tall. They contain saponin which is an organic detergent with cleansing and degreasing properties. These saponin agents are removed from the nuts by splitting them up and drying them. When the nuts come into contact with water the nutshells release saponin, acting as a natural cleaning agent and fabric softener.
Vegan, hypoallergenic, septic-tank safe and home compostable.
Free from plastic, palm oil, cruelty, parabens and phthalates.
Each bag of 300g soap nuts is packaged inside a 100% cotton bag.
A small cotton pouch is also provided for popping your soap nuts in your appliance.

How to use soap nuts

1. Pop 5 soap nuts into the cotton pouch provided (6 in hard water areas).
2. Place your soap nut pouch into either the drum of your washing machine or the base of your dishwasher. Placing inside the utensil holder works too!
3. Run your normal cycle.
4. Allow the soap nuts to dry. Depending on the temperature of your cycle, they can be reused several times.
30°C temp – 4 times
40°C – 3 times
60°C – 1 or 2 times
90°C – 1 time
The soap nuts are also suitable for hand washing.
Soap nuts are a natural and safe to use cleaning product which should not be ingested. We recommend storing away from pets and children and accept no liability for any accidental damage or misuse.

Eco Credentials

RecyclableSustainable MaterialsBiodegradableHome CompostableVeganBPA FREESLS FREEPlastic-FreePalm Oil FreeDispose Responsibly
If you would like to learn more about our packaging and what these symbols mean, you can read our Eco-Friendly Ethos.

What's Included?

1 x Eco Earth Market Soap Nuts (300g for approximately 100 washes)

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