About us

Welcome to the Eco Earth Market

Meet Our Founder

Conor Duddridge is a wildlife biologist and an eco-friendly connoisseur who founded Eco Earth Market back in 2019!

Conor created the #1 Marketplace for the Ethical Goodies You Love!

He believes we can all do our bit to create our very own Eco Earth. Troubled by the growing climate emergency and his passion for wildlife, he created the market as your one and only stop for all of your sustainable needs. He has put the very best eco-friendly and vegan products together, creating a superb offering of only the most sustainable products at the most affordable prices.
Conor Duddridge - Founder @ Eco Earth Market

Our Ethos

We care about our planet and all wildlife on Earth. Yes... That’s you too! Which is why our service and all of our products at Eco Earth Market adhere to our Eco-Friendly Ethos. This ethos let's you shop with complete ease and transparency, whilst always knowing a products impact on the environment.

Our partnership with One Tree Planted

Perfection is a fickle thing and while many of us strive towards it, the reality is that nothing is ever perfect. However, doing your best has a huge impact and really matters. At Eco Earth Market we do not claim to be 100% sustainable but we promise to do our very best! One way we are doing this is through our proud reforestation partnership with One Tree Planted. Together, we plant one tree for every order at our market.
As of June 2021, we have planted nearly 311 trees with the non-profit One Tree Planted. In 2020 we planted trees in Australia to help the country restore wild spaces after the devastating loss of 1 billion animals to wildfires. In 2021 we are contributing to the Chimpanzee Project in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute. This project is providing important habitats to chimpanzees in Uganda.
Find out more about our partnership with One Tree Planted.