Eco Friendly Ethos

Our Ethos Policy

We have created this Eco-Friendly Ethos policy to inform you of the steps we are taking to make our practice as sustainable as possible. This policy will provide details on our delivery service, products, packaging and environmental contributions.

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When choosing the products for Eco Earth Market, we take several factors into consideration. We consider what a product is made of, where it is made, whether it is reusable, and its impact on the environment, during and after its use. Product sustainability is our key focus and we carefully select the products and brands we stock to ensure they are compliant with our principles and do not contain single-use plastics. 

The vast majority of the products stocked at our market are locally sourced within the UK and Europe. A small selection of bamboo products are made in Asia.


Plastic is never used in any of our packaging! We use a strong and durable paper-based packaging tape to secure your parcels. All of our parcel boxes are sustainably sourced within the UK. We do everything we can to reuse packaging and parcel boxes from our inbound shipments, and if this is not possible, we use our FSC certified boxes.

Delivery Service

We are proud to only use the Royal Mail as our delivery service. This is because the courier has the lowest reported carbon emissions per parcel, compared to any other delivery service in the UK. The Royal Mail has a network of over 90,000 post workers who deliver mail every day on-foot! The Royal Mail offices are powered using 100% renewable energy and the courier plans to be using an all-electric powered fleet by 2040.

Environmental Contributions

We are committed to giving back to the planet with our environmental contributions. That is why we plant trees with the amazing non-profit One Tree Planted. Since our launch we have planted over 500 trees and counting! We have also made contributions to the Marine Conservation Society and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).