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Compostable 'Pop Up' Sponges (10 Pack)

Compostable 'Pop Up' Sponges (10 Pack)

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We have taken eco-friendly cleaning to the next level! Say hello to our Compostable 'Pop Up' Sponges 🧽
The most exciting way to do the dishes. Guilt Free Cleaning...
The Compostable 'Pop Up' Sponges are dehydrated sponges made from 100% plant-based cellulose. The sponges are dehydrated, allowing us to reduce package size by over 90%. This reduces weight and the amount of space required during deliveries. Meaning less trucks on the road with a low carbon footprint!
The 'Pop Up' sponges are super durable, reusable and long-lasting. One sponge alone can last for many months.
Unlike other sponge brands, our sponges are completely free from triclosan, plastic and other nasties! Tradition kitchen sponges are derived from virgin polyurethane, an oil-based plastic made from the burning of fossil fuels. On top of this they are then packaged in more virgin plastic! Bleach, assorted sulphates, triclosan and a whole slew of nasty chemicals are also put into traditional sponges.
The Compostable 'Pop Up' sponges are completely plastic-free, biodegradable and even home compostable! Simply pop into your home compost after it's long life...
The sponges are carefully designed to hold more than 10x their dry weight in water. They are non-scratching and tough, providing enhanced cleaning power compared to traditional kitchen sponges.
We care about sustainability, which is why we plant one tree with every order too! You can find out more about our tree planting partnership here.

Our Packaging

We are so proud to say that we only use 100% recycled paper for our box packaging! ♻️
The packaging can be recycled again, or home composted with your sponge.
Designed by us and Packaged by hand in the UK 🇬🇧

How To Use

Simply pop your dehydrated sponge into water and it will 'pop up' to size!

Dehydrated 'Pop Up' SpongeHydrated Pop Up Sponge

Eco Credentials

RecyclableSustainable MaterialsBiodegradableHome CompostableVeganBPA FREESLS FREEPlastic-FreePalm Oil FreeDispose Responsibly
If you would like to learn more about our packaging and what these symbols mean, you can read our Eco-Friendly Ethos.

What’s Included? 

1 x Eco Earth Market Compostable 'Pop Up' Sponges (10 Pack)
Includes 5 Green & Blue Sponges

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