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Anti-Bac Multi-Surface Starter Pack (Mango & Fig)

Anti-Bac Multi-Surface Starter Pack (Mango & Fig)

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A best seller, the Anti-Bac Multi-Surface Cleaner is a great all-rounder and perfect for everyday use.  

Powerful, plant-based ingredients make cleaning a breeze - all without the plastic waste.  Eliminate 99.9% of bacteria whilst leaving your surfaces sparkling and smelling great. 

Fragrance: Mango & Fig - this tropical fragrance has a hint of warming spice and sweetness, for a memorable scent that you’ll keep coming back for.

Suitable for wood, glass, stainless steel, tile, laminates, sealed stone, granite and marble. It's not suitable for unsealed stone, unsealed granite or unsealed marble, and some paint finishes. If in doubt, test in a discreet spot. 

Ingredients: 5-15% Non-ionic surfactants. < 5% Fragrance (contains d-limonene, butylphenyl methyl propional), disinfectants, preservatives (contains phenoxyethanol).

Free From: Single-use plastic, Dyes and colourings, Parabens, Phosphates, Ammonia, Chlorine Bleach and Sulphates.


Whats Included?

1 x Neat Anti-Bac Multi-Surface Starter Pack (Mango & Fig)

Includes a Refillable Aluminium Spray Bottle 500ml + 1 Concentrated Plastic-Free Anti-Bac Multi-Surface Refill 30ml - Mango & Fig.

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